Monday, 13 June 2011

This weeks collage work

This weeks all round parallel design I made at collage

Well exams are done :-) only 4 weeks left in this year and then starts my second year in my floral classes :-)

I have added some of my pieces on a new page the link is on the right if you
would like to have a look, all comments welcome xxx

I wasnt completely happy with this design, I wish I had used roses instead of lizzies, as much as I love Lizzies in warm weather they wilt and that is what has happened here, and they have lost their parallel lines :-(

Also I wish I had used a softer foliage as pitta can be a bit over powering and the aspra leaves were a little large and had to be rolled several times, been better to use a smaller leaf.

Thanks for looking


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  1. All in the people who don't know any looks awesome!