Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Good evening,
Just a quick note to say Yah!!! after 3 years away from crafting, I have sold my first card on Ebay, after months of preparation and hard work getting all the new sites and Facebook pages ready and the new craft room taking so long to get ready and the delay in the delivery of it, I didn't think it would every come to anything, I lost all my client base whilst I have been away and I guess I just started to doubt myself, so this is a boost for me,
I cant thank my family enough for all the help and support they have given me specially with the amount of time I have been working late just to get stuff done, my daughter building all my new accounts on twitter, instagram, Facebook I think this mumma is coming into the 21st century with a bang hehe, she gets so ashamed when I get excited about it all lol.
So I thought I would share my first sale of Ebay with you and hope you like the presentation as much I do lets just hope the client does.

Night all and blessings xxx

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