Friday, 1 April 2011

Digi Suggestions Needed

Good Friday Morning xxx

We was talking last night and Mike cannot decide what digi to put on next wednesday so maybe you guys can help :-) Please leave us a comment on what you would like to see and never know your digi might be here next week.

Thanks and Happy Crafting x


  1. well so far we have had a few emails with requests x thats cool but remember you can post here too xx

  2. I think that he should do a Basset Hound, in honour of his beautiful 2nd cousin Roswell Hayes:-))))

  3. I will get him to start it straight away hehe xxx

  4. How about an Elephant I love them Chris xx

  5. hehe Chris my daughter been on my hubbie back to do that for ages :-) maybe I should give her and you your wish xx ill get him working on it xxxx